Letters: Protecting others | Vaccinate globe | Policy shift | Wrong choice | Misrepresenting history

Mercury News Letters to the Editor for Sept. 1, 2021

Letters: Protecting others | Vaccinate globe | Policy shift | Wrong choice | Misrepresenting history

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Elder endorsement is
less than compelling

Ruben Navarrette’s endorsement of Larry Elder in the recall effort to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom falls far short of compelling. (“The soul of Black conservatives? Larry Elder will help teach you,” Page A6, Aug. 19) His statement that “the left wants total loyally and control over the lives of people like him”, is abundantly true of the right. Voter suppression legislation, by state legislatures across the country, is the epitome of total control directed at minorities, to ensure that Republicans remain in power.

His bold and proud declaration of the Republican Party’s long-ago emancipation of the slaves by President Lincoln and support of the Civil and Voting Rights acts is more evident than ever of the betrayal of those values by passing such odious legislation as giving immunity to motorists who run down Black Lives Matters protesters with their cars. Fortunately, Republicans are the minority party in California. We can only speculate on what they would do if they had power in Sacramento.

Warren Seifert

COVID safety steps
are to protect others

I am anti-COVID. I am pro-children. I am pro-elders. I am pro-community. I am pro-vaccine. I am pro-masking.

I wear a mask for you. I am vaccinated for you. I do this to protect others knowing that it will protect me as well. I am less contagious by masking and vaccination. I minimize the risk of me giving COVID to others. I am vaccinated and masked for the children who don’t yet have access to vaccines. I am vaccinated and masked for those whose health is frail and who could die from this disease.

I have listened to many reasons to be unvaccinated, among them “I’m healthy and if I got sick, I would be OK.” To protect your children, family, elders, friends and community, please get vaccinated. Please wear a mask.

John Alexander
Los Altos

Vaccinate poor nations
before giving boosters

Re. “New data show waning COVID-19 vaccine efficacy over time,” Page A1, Aug. 19:

Offering all Americans a third dose of vaccine when millions around the world are struggling to get any vaccine at all is misguided. Thursday’s article on boosters says, “Protection against hospitalizations and death remains strong….The effectiveness of the vaccine in forestalling serious illness held nearly steady.”

Wealthy nations have already been hoarding vaccines, and this will magnify an already unequal distribution. All Americans have access to free, life-saving vaccines. Only about 2% of Africans are vaccinated. Other poor nations are deprived as well. These people will continue to suffer and die, and the virus will continue to mutate.

The unvaccinated should get priority to the limited supply of vaccines. After everyone globally who wants one, gets one, then the already vaccinated should get the booster.

Karen Mandel
San Jose

Drastic policies needed
to calm climate crisis

Julia Prodis Sulek and Kate Selig’s gutting piece about the aftermath of the CZU fires (“Where else will I go?” Page A1, Aug. 15) reminds us that months later people still cannot put down roots or feel safe. In other words, the consequences to these fires are more far-reaching than we imagined.

California is hurting, badly, from climate change. Our risk calculation needs to change: to be sure, reducing greenhouse gas emissions may be costly, but the alternative is far pricier a gamble — one with more megafires, megadroughts, food and water scarcity, sooty skies, and yet more emotional trauma and anxiety quite beyond a dollar value.

People are at the heart of the climate crisis and can also be at the center of solutions. Policies that move the economy quickly toward renewables, such as a carbon fee and dividend, are sorely needed to prevent more tragedies like CZU. All it takes is contacting your electeds.

Wendy Chou
San Mateo

Elder’s far-right views
make him wrong choice

The Ruben Navarrette Jr., opinion piece published Aug. 19 (“The soul of Black conservatives? Larry Elder will help teach you,” Page A6, Aug. 19) does a nice job humanizing Larry Elder.

However, missing was a list of the views held by Elder that make him unacceptable as governor. In the past, Larry Elder called climate change a hoax and still claims human involvement is debatable.

He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, eliminate the minimum wage and revoke California environmental laws. Then there are his views on LGBT, tobacco, unions and others.

Cameron Burley
San Jose

Column misrepresents
civil rights history

Re. “The soul of Black conservatives? Larry Elder will help teach you,” Page A6, Aug. 19:

Ruben Navarrette Jr. claims that Republicans drove the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of the mid-1960s and that Democrats were largely in opposition. That is a misrepresentation at best.

Democratic Presidents John  Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson spearheaded the Civil Rights Act, and Johnson, through his Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, drove the Voting Rights Act. The big division was between the 11 Southern states of the former Confederacy, and the other 39 Northern states. For example, the voting favoring the Civil Rights Act: Northern House representatives: 90%; Southern House representatives: 8%; Northern senators: 92%; Southern senators: 5%. All of the Southern Republicans in the House and Senate voted against the bill.

And Richard Nixon recognized that many Southern Dixiecrats’ preferences aligned more with Republicans, and so succeeded with his Southern Strategy in 1968, driving political party affiliations in the South from blue to red. That is, they are largely Republicans today.

Jonathan Starr
Santa Clara