How to become a seller on FreeAds World and start selling successfully?

Anyone from any country in the world can become a seller and sell their goods on FREEADS.WORLD.

How to become a seller on FreeAds World and start selling successfully?

Anyone from any country in the world can become a seller and sell their goods on FREEADS.WORLD. On our global marketplace, you can sell both new and secondary goods with paid and free shipping worldwide.
Very popular all over the world and in great demand are such goods as: electronics, household appliances, men's, women's, children's clothing and footwear, home and garden goods, auto goods, beauty and health products, goods for entertainment, sports, fitness. and recreation, food and more.

If you have something to offer and sell from these product groups?
Then you are in the right place!

Start in order:

1. You need to Register
2. Fill in all your profile data with honest data.
3. Choose the seller's monthly tariff plan and apply for opening a personal store (listing) to sell your goods.
4. After successful approval of your application, you need to add your products manually or automatically download from the price list in your Personal Account.
5. Customize the Methods and Conditions of Delivery of your goods to different countries.
6. Set Payout Account and specify the details of your account for withdrawing your money for the goods sold.
Note: The money for the sold item from the buyers is credited to our PayPal, Stripe, IBAN or USD checking account.
The money is paid to you to your PayPal, Stripe, IBAN account or current account at your request in US dollars, after a successful transaction with the buyer and the absence of claims from the buyer (rules, Protection of the buyer from fraud and defective goods).
7. Regularly visit your Personal Account at FREEADS.WORLD to process orders, communicate with customers, edit the current and irrelevant availability of goods.

We will take care of all other questions and search for buyers ourselves and will try to offer your product all over the world, in all ways and possibilities available to us. So that your product is sold quickly and safely.

We sincerely wish you successful sales and many good deals!

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