French Open 2021 Live, men's semi-finals: Zverev in command in fourth set; Tsitsipas up two sets to one

French Open 2021 Live, men's semi-finals: Zverev in command in fourth set; Tsitsipas up two sets to one

French Open 2021 Live, men's semi-finals: Zverev in command in fourth set; Tsitsipas up two sets to one

21:16 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 5-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Unfortunate for Tsitsipas, his forehand hits the top of the net and falls back onto his side. He then hits a backhand wide, and Zverev inches closer to taking this set. Great serve from Tsitsipas, it forces an error out of Zverev. 15-30. Bit of confusion regarding the next serve, Zverev thinks it's out and challenges, but it will be replayed because it hit the line. Tsitsipas takes the serve again and Zverev makes an error. 30-30. Tsitsipas wins another point, thanks to a bit of aggression and a lovely forehand winner. Tsitsipas holds with a cross-court forehand winner. Zverev will serve to take the match into a deciding set. 

21:13 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 5-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Two big big serves from Alexander Zverev! 30-0 within the blink of an eye. His third one is a pacy second serve, and Tsitsipas can't control it, hitting long. Ace to finish, this was great from Zverev! Tsitsipas will serve to stay in the fourth

21:09 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 4-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Good statement of intent from Stefanos Tsitsipas as he holds serve to love and stays alive in this contest. This is still headed to a fifth set though, if Tsitsipas can't manage to break back soon enough.

21:08 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 4-2 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Alexander Zverev is just doing everything a little better than his opponent at the moment. He's serving better, landing his first serve better and putting a lot of power behind those serves. He's also winning the longer rallies and making less unforced errors. Tsitsipas hasn't tailed off considerably, but just enough to mean that he's no longer in control of the contest. 

21:02 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 3-2 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

A hold apiece from both players, and Zverev continues to grow in confidence. At the moment, Tsitsipas really doesn't seem like he'll be able to break back in this set. This could be going to a fifth set, which might not be what most tennis fans around the world will want to hear at the moment, seeing as there's an absolute belter of a match-up coming up soon.

20:54 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 2-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Nice work from Tsitsipas on the first point, he wins it with a lovely little volley after racing towards the net. Zverev then sends the ball flying into the stands with a forehand. Tsitsipas wins another point with a forehand to volley combo. Lovely work from Tsitsipas, he wraps it up with a forehand winner down the line. That hold should do his confidence some good!

20:52 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 2-0 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Great first serve from Zverev, he sent that one out wide and Tsitsipas couldn't;t return. Tsitsipas then hits a backhand wide. He's constantly berating himself in Greek. He looks a bit lost at the moment. Another forehand hit wide, and Tsitsipas looks dejected. Wild unforced error from Tsitsipas, and Zverev has a bit of a lead. 

20:49 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 1-0 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Double fault from Tsitsipas to begin. Zverev then hits a backhand return into the net to make it 15-15. Another backhand missed by Zverev, this was hit long. Great rally from the pair, which Zverev ends with a hard backhand winner down the line, third time lucky. Tsitsipas pulls out his dropshot to passing shot combo again, and Zverev can't do much about it. Tsitsipas misses a pretty straightforward forehand, and it's deuce. Oh, lovely cross-court forehand winner from Zverev! He has advantage. If he breaks here, it would really dent Tsitsipas' confidence. TSITSIPAS DROPS SERVE! He's absolutely fuming at himself. Zverev meanwhile, is in the ascendancy!

20:44 (IST)

Set 3: By The Numbers!

20:42 (IST)

Alexander Zverev takes the third set 6-4!

Huge first serve, that's an ace and Tsitsipas didn't even bother trying to move. Tsitsipas hits a dropshot, Zverev charges toward the net and hits it back at him, Tsitsipas then attempts to lift it over Zverev. Zverev appears to miss the overhead smash, but the ball just clips the top of his racquet, and falls back down onto Tsitsipas' side. Stroke of luck for the German. He then acquires three set points with a lovely slice. Tsitsipas hits a shot wide, and we head into a fourth set! Great work from Zverev to fight his way back from a tough situation!

20:37 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 5-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Excellent combo of a backhand out wide and a volley to the other side from Tsitsipas. 15-0. Tsitsipas hits a backhand wide. 15-15. Strong forehand from Tsitsipas down the line, and it's hit into the net by Zverev. It's called out, but the umpire gets off his chair and the forehand is adjudged to have landed on the line. Zverev is livid! He says that he could have hit that back into the court, and he vehemently askes the umpire to have the point replayed. The umpire isn't listening though. Tsitsipas wins a couple of points after a point for Zverev, and it's a hold. Zverev has a chance to serve for the set, but will his anger get in his way?

20:32 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 5-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Zverev misses a bread and butter backhand, he was put off by the presence of Tsitsipas and he whacked that into the net. Another missed backhand into the net, and Tsitsipas has a couple of pressure points. Zverev's huge serve rescues him once again, he belts that down the middle and Tsitsipas can only just touch it. Another big serve down the middle, and this one Tsitsipas couldn't even react to. Oh wow, what serving from Zverev! This one was out wide and Tsitsipas could do nothing but send it flying into the stands. Lovely running forehand from Zverev after a rally, and he holds serve despite being under real pressure! Tsitsipas will now serve to stay in the set.

20:26 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 4-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Tsitsipas charges toward the net and wins the point with a volley. He misses a backhand, and it's 15-15. Zverev hits a backhand long, and it's 30-15. Another shot hit long by Zverev, 40-15. These two are really going at it hammer and tong, they've been putting a lot of power into their shots. Tsitsipas hits a forehand winner, and he holds!

20:23 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 4-2 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Double fault from Zverev to begin. Tsitsipas then hits a gorgeous passing backhand winner up the line, that was put just behind Zverev's reach. Zverev gets lucky after a shot of his clips the net and falls awkwardly for Tsitsipas, who misses his shot. A point apiece and Tsitsipas has a break point! Can he bring this set back on serve? No, not yet at least. Zverev sends a huge serve his way and he can't return it. Deuce. OH, LOVELY BACKHAND DOWN THE LINE FROM ZVEREV! He has advantage. Tsitsipas completely miscues a backhand and Zverev holds serve after saving break point. Great job from Zverev

20:17 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 3-2 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Tsitsipas is in a pretty great position at the moment, but it does feel a bit like the tide is running. Zverev wins the first point with a great backhand winner. Ace from Tsitsipas, that was hit straight down the middle! 15-15. Oh wow, Tsitsipas just takes all the weight off of a monster cross court forehand from Zverev with a lovely little volley at the net. 30-15. A point and an ace, and Tsitsipas completes an important hold.

20:14 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 3-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

A long-ish rally ends after Tsitsipas hits wide. Zverev must be feeling like he can still make something of this match, especially when you consider his penchant for five-setters. Zverev's forehand clips the top of the net and bounces out of play. 15-15. Tsitsipas tries a drop shot, and then doesn't follow it to the net, which allows Zverev to catch him out. 30-15, and Zverev tries to get the crowd pumped up a bit. He looks a completely different player. Tsitsipas hits a forehand long, 40-15. And Zverev holds, another unforced error from Tsitsipas!

20:08 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 2-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Zverev hits a backhand just wide of the line, 15-0. It was a brave shot though. Tsitsipas tries a drop shot, but he misjudges it and his resultant shot can't clear the net. Tsitsipas hammers a cross-court forehand winner behind Zverev, who can't turn quickly enough to stop it. Mistake from Tsitsipas, he hits wide. 30-30. Tsitsipas hits a volley long and Zverev has breakpoint! Tsitsipas then misses a forehand, and Zverev has another early break!

20:04 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-6, 1-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Ah, another lovely passing shot from Tsitsipas as Zverev finds himself stranded at the net again! Zverev's a pretty big guy with a long reach, so it's crazy how well Tsitsipas is placing these shots at the moment. Zverev plays really well to win a point, forcing Tsitsipas long and then hitting a firm smash down the middle. Unforced error from Tsitsipas, his backhand hasn't been great today. Tsitsipas continues his assault on Zverev by sending him chasing after the ball until the German makes a mistake. Tsitsipas is controlling a lot of the rallies. Zverev wins the next point with a lovely volley. 40-30. Error from Zverev, it's deuce. Early pressure in this third set, and Zverev must be feeling it. He hits a rocket of a first serve, and Tsitsipas just about makes the return, but he's immediately on the backfoot and Zverev wraps up the point in two shots. Advantage Zverev, he needs to keep this up. GREAT BACKHAND WINNER FROM ZVEREV AND HE FINALLY ENDS TSITSIPAS' WINNING RUN!

19:57 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-6, 0-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Bit of a break as the court is given a once-over by the attendants, and Zverev needs to use this time to collect his thoughts a little. Alright, we're back and ready, and Tsitsipas picks up where he left off, winning the first point of the game with a smash. Zverev is then put off a bit by an awkward bounce, and he misses his forehand. 30-0. Tsitsipas hits a backhand long, 30-15. Tsitsipas just looks too damn good out there today. Zverev tries his best to get to a volley, but Tsitsipas is waiting for his return at the net, and he sends it right the other way. 40-30. Point for Zverev, and then Tsitsipas holds with a lovely passing forehand past Zverev at the net!

19:53 (IST)

Set 2: By the numbers!

19:52 (IST)

Stefanos Tsitsipas takes the second set 3-6!

There's a short rally on the first point, which ends when Tsitsipas's forehand lands in the doubles alley. Zverev does the same on the next point, 15-15. Tsitsipas can't return Zverev's serve, 30-15. Zverev hits a lazy forehand that looks a bit mistimed, and it flies wide of the line. He seems a little off his game. He pushes Tsitsipas into a tough situation, and the Greek hits a desperate lob back at him. Zverev tries to hit it out of the sky, and puts too much into his shot, sending it wide. Set point for Tsitsipas, but he can't convert. He tries to defend a smash from Zverev, but he can't take enough pace off it, and it flies over Zverev's head and long of the baseline. Deuce. Advantage Tsitsipas after an unforced error by Zverev, second set point for Tsitsipas. Ah, way too long from Zverev, he has no idea what's going on at the moment but nothing is going his way. Tsitsipas takes the second set after winning six games in a row!

19:46 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-5 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Alright, so what does Zverev have up his sleeve now? He's in a pretty difficult spot at the moment, being a set and a break down. Tsitsipas' first serve is on point, and Zverev can only manage to hit it out with the frame of his racket. Tsitsipas then tries a dropshot on the second, but it's not got enough power on it, it hits the net. Tsitsipas isn't deterred by his poor dropshot, and he attempts one again in the very next point, which is beautifully executed! Zverev scrambles to get it, but his shot is hit wide. Tsitsipas then picks up a point despite dropping his racquet during the serve! Zverev can't take advantage of his clumsiness, he hits his return wide. Tsitsipas wraps up the hold and now Zverev will serve to stay in the second set.

19:41 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Some excellent work from Tsitsipas here to claw his way back from a difficult position, and he continues his excellent work to claim the first two points in Zverev's service with some hard work and a lot of running. 0-30. Tsitsipas hits a forehand long, 15-30. OH WELL PLAYED STEFANOS! He pushes Zverev wide and then charges toward the net before unleashing an inch-perfect volley into the empty half of the court. Two breakpoints for the Greek star! Zverev saves one of them with a crisp backhand winner down the line, he hit that one with real power! Zverev misses his first serve. The second leads to a rally, which ends with a bit of bad luck on Zverev's part, whose shot clips the top of the net and goes out of play. Tsitsipas was down a break, and now, after winning four games in a row, he's up one!

19:36 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Quick service hold for Stefanos Tsitsipas. Lovely start to the game with both players pushed side-to-side, producing lovely angles before Tsitsipas dinks the ball to the side of Zverev at the net.

19:31 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-2 *Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

An errant game from Zverev once again. Two backhand errors and it is handing the opportunity to Tsitsipas. Still 30-30. A game earlier Zverev got the luck of the net and now he gets unlucky. The pass looked to be going in after a great rallty but it topples into the tramlines this time. Break point for Tsitsipas. Zverev slowing the pace down and Stefanos nets his forehand. Big serve from Zverev and he looks to find the sideline with the forehand but misses. His error count continues to grow. But can Stefanos capitalise? Yes he does. An error on the backhand this time and Tsitsipas has the BREAK back!

19:26 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 3-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

A comfortable hold for Stefanos Tsitsipas to get on the scoreboard in this set. Dropping just the one point and on to Sascha now.

19:22 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 3-0 * Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Zverev starts off by serve and volleying and the approach is good but the volley is into the net. That was good height to take but not a good volley. An ace and forehand winner bring the game to 30-30 after an errant shot. Both players have won 34 points at this stage. Tsitsipas' serve return goes wide and he is not happy. Missing quite a few today and not getting the cleanest of contacts. Now Tsitsipas puts the pressure on Zverev's backhand to find the pass and he fails. Great serve on deuce, out wide and Tsitsipas is unable to get it back. Luck gets the game for Sascha! Backhand hits the net and trickles over.

19:18 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 3-6, 2-0 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Great combo of a serve out wide and then a forehand down the line from Tsitsipas to get the first point. Tsitsipas then completely miscues a forehand and he sends the ball flying straight up off the frame of the racquet. He tries to catch out Zverev with a drop shot, but the big German is really fast, and he reaches in time to send a volley past Tsitsipas. 15-30. Zverev makes an unforced error, 30-30. He wins back-to-back points though, he's got the break!

19:13 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-6, 1-0 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

What can Zverev do to recover from here? He did seem to be growing into the game a little, so this set might be a different story altogether from the first. Zverev gets two quick-fire points and then lands a perfect ace out wide. He finishes with a volley and holds serve to love!

19:11 (IST)

Set 1: By The Numbers!

19:10 (IST)

Stefanos Tsitsipas wins the first set 6-3!

Tsitsipas gets the first point with a big ace, but relinquishes the second after hitting a backhand slice into the net. He forces Zverev wide with his serve on the third point, and Zverev can't make the return. A good rally follows on the next point, but Tsitsipas ends it with another unforced error. 30-30. Zverev hits a shot wide. 40-30 and setpoint. Oof, Tsitsipas misses what should have been a pretty straightforward forehand. 40-40. Loose shot from Zverev. Tsitsipas has his second serve point. He converts it after an error from Zverev! Tsitsipas takes the first set in 37 minutes!

19:04 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 3-5 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

New balls and Zverev gets the first point of the game with a forehand winner from close to the net. He follows that up with an ace. Mistake from Tsitsipas, who sends a forehand shot flying past Zverev at the net and past the baseline as well. 40-0. Tsitsipas fights back with a wonderful return, 40-15. Doube fault from Zverev, 40-30. Zverev's next first serve is on point though, and Tsitsipas can't return. Tsitsipas will now serve for the first set. 

19:00 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 2-5 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Ace from Tsitsipas. There's a great rally for the second point, which Tsitsipas tries to end with a drop shot, but it doesn't have enough on it to clear the net. Oh lovely work from Tsitsipas! He tries to draw Zverev to the net with a dropshot, and then lobs the ball over the German's header. Zverev tries a tweener to recover, but he's hardly Roger Federer. A point apiece and it's 40-30. A gorgeous rally follows in which Zverev pulls off a miraculous recovery by defending a smash from Tsitsipas, and it's brought to an end after Zverev messes up a backhand. Tsitsipas holds, and Zverev will now serve to stay in this first set.

18:55 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 2-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

When Zverev lands his big first serves, Tsitsipas is having really trouble returning them, but luckily for the Greek star, Zverev hasn't really nailed down the accuracy completely. He does manage a huge serve on the first point though, and then Tsitsipas is forced into a couple of mistakes by some thunderous forehands.40-0. Zverev nails the hold with an ace. 

18:52 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 1-4 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Great serve from Tsitsipas, he's doing very well in this contest. Tsitsipas makes Zverev run this way and that, forcing the German into committing two errors. A delightful combo of backhand down the line and an inside out forehand to the other side of the court see Tsitsipas hold to love. 

18:50 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 1-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Error from Tsitsipas, he hits a forehand straight into the net. Zverev then gets the timing wrong on a forehand to send it flying wide. 15-15. Excellent, high quality rally from the pair on the third point, and it ends when Tsitsipas is forced into an error due to some lovely shot-making from Zverev. Tsitsipas and Zverev both make identical mistakes, sending forehands flying past the baseline. 40-30. Zverev holds with a big serve!

18:44 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 0-3 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

Tsitsipas takes the first point with ease, and then on the second, he's put under a bit of pressure by Zverev in a rally, which leads to him missing the court with a backhand. 15-15. Tsitsipas tries a dropshot, and it looks like Zverev will reach there in time, but the German fluffs his shot and sends it into the net. An unforced error apiece and it's 40-30. Tsitsipas gets a warning for taking too long with his serve. His serve is good though, and Zverev can't manage to make the return. Tsitsipas holds.

18:40 (IST)

Alexander Zverev 0-2 Stefanos Tsitsipas* (*denotes next server)

Zverev begins with an absolute rocket of a serve, that had 218 kmphs behind it. Tsitsipas just about gets his racket on it, but the return flies long. Zverev misses his first serve on the second point, and then in typical fashion, tries a big second serve, which is also out. Double fault. Double fault again. 15-30. Zverev then makes an unforced error, miscuing a forehand and hitting it past the baseline. Tsitsipas has a couple of break points. Make that one, Zverev's just fired in a cannon of an ace. 30-40. A little rally ensues on the next point, and it ends after Zverev sends a forehand into the doubles alley. That's an early break for Tsitsipas!

18:36 (IST)

Alexander Zverev* 0-1 Stefanos Tsitsipas (*denotes next server)

And we're off! This should be a really good contest! Stefanos Tsitsipas will serve first, and he races right into a 30-0 lead in the first game. He then tries a dropshot to catch out Zverev, but it ends up clipping the net and falling into the doubles alley. 30-15. Point apiece for either player and now it's 40-30. Tsitsipas then hits one of his backhands long, it's deuce and some early pressure. A Zverev forehand hits the net and goes out of play. Advantage Tsitsipas. He misses the first serve. Lands the second, and after a brief rally, Tsitsipas manages to force Zverev into hitting wide. 

18:21 (IST)

Who are you backing in tonight's match-ups?

18:19 (IST)

Stefanos Tsitsipas' path to the semi-final:

18:14 (IST)

After reaching the final of the women's singles, Barbora Krejcikova is now in the final of the women's double as well, along with compatriot Katerina Siniakova!